What to wear when you're going out and you're a Grandma.

So it's that time of day again.  Time to go outside and stretch your legs.  But what to wear?  You can, if you want, just wear the pajamas you've slept in for the past few days (that's typically what I do), but sometimes you feel that rare feeling most people call energy and you want to wear a new, clean outfit. 

Fear not, my GITs, for I, Grandmeryl, have compiled the perfect going-out outfit for Grandmas near and far:


When you leave the house, it's usually good to wear a shirt and pants.  For the shirt, I have two particularly nice options.  One is a classic white T with silver sequins on the sleeves.  The other is a classic black T with a nice phrase on it that describes the kind of person you are! Helpful, I've found, for meeting new people.  

From  ASOS .

From ASOS.

From  ASOS.

From ASOS.

For the pants, you can pretty much wear whatever pants have the most expandable waist.  You never know when the opportunity for a large meal or ice cream cone will come your way, so it is always best to be prepared.  Jeans are never a good idea.


Sweaters are always good.  First of all, Grandma Sweaters are an officially recognized fashion item.  Second, they allow you to exit the house without wearing a bra! Below is a perfect example of a sweater item; it both describes your mood and looks like a couch.  What more could you need?

Namast'ay Sweater  via  The Vintage Twin

Namast'ay Sweater  via The Vintage Twin


Don't forget to wear shoes! Sam does this a lot, and he almost always regrets it.  Now, I like to spend a lot of time thinking about what I wear on my feet because feet can hurt easily, especially if you have bunions.  I don't have bunions yet but I think I can feel one coming in the next five to ten years on my left foot, so always good to be prepared with the necessary comfortable footgear.  

These sneakers were made special for me and have my name on them so that no one steals them from me such as Sam if we happen to be out and he's forgotten his own shoes and wants to sneakily put on my pair and act like I was the one that forgot shoes.  But truth be told, any pair of comfortable sneakers with good padding will do the trick.  Just be sure to tie those laces well the first go-around since it's hard to have to bend down over and over again. 

And with that, my little grandbabies and GITs, you can take the first steps out the apartment door and down the stairs and out the door again to the real world.