What to Get a Grandma two months before her Birthday (or at any time, really).

True story.  This weekend, Sam and I had dinner with my parents and my mom forewarned me that she'd be giving me part of my birthday present at said dinner.  Now, I know I'm the second child and thus the second most desirable in her mind, but I did think it was still a bit suspicious that she was giving me a birthday gift in March when we've celebrated my birthday for the past twenty-four years in May.  This, of course, launched me into a whirlwind of emotions.  I asked my parents if my birthday was really in fact in March.  Had we celebrated it on May 11 one year by mistake and they just decided to roll with the error? Was I really even their child? Am I even human?

Apparently my mom was just giving the gift a few months early in case I wanted to use it in the interim, instead of making me wait until May 11.  I am their child and I am human and I do have a lot of feelings. 

The whole experience has made me realize how important giving gifts is, especially to Grandmas, and I'd like to take the opportunity to provide each of you with three gift-giving ideas for the Grans in your lives.


Vintage things are a nice place to start.  Grandmas love vintage things because vintage is a much nicer way of saying old, and we don't like being reminded of our no-longer-young status.  Plus, anything is cool if it's vintage.  Old shoes? No thank you. Vintage shoes? Sign me up.



Alternatively, if you're looking for a less trendy gift item, how about a nice succulent? They're the perfect plant for Grandmas: you can forget to water them for a week and it's okay! Plus, they don't give off a beautiful scent like other flowers, but that's okay, too, since by the time you're my age your sense of smell has probably dwindled. 


Still not satisfied with these options? Well someone's picky, aren't they. Perhaps I can interest you in a signed copy of your Grandma's favorite book? Little known fact: if you buy a used book through Amazon.com, it's not impossible for it to have belonged to a close friend of the author and thus be signed by said author.  Shoutout to Judge Barnes, whoever and wherever you are. 

Regardless of which gift you choose to bestow upon the Gran in your life, the most important thing to remember is you can always give her more than one thing.