Five Things to do this weekend, since you're a grandma.

As a Grandma, it is rare that I find myself with so many plans for the weekend that I have to decide what to do.  I prefer operating like a hermit on the weekends.  My shell is safe, dry, and has wifi and endless M&Ms.  No need to do difficult things with my time off like make decisions.  

But what if you've just received a fresh pair of velcros in the mail and you want to take them out for a test drive? What if you realize you're exiting the comfort of your queen sized bed with a plush top to get more diet ginger ale (Canada Dry only, please) and you think maybe you should do something semi-fun while you're out and wearing a bra anyway?  Well, kiddies (because that's who you are to me, you young things), once again I have all the answers.

Here are five fantastic things you can do this weekend to help build your Grandma street cred that are also fun in my opinion:

Go to the Museum of Natural History.  

This museum, aside from being the home to a larger-than-life mosquito and many human children is now playing an IMAX film about National Parks.  It's not free, but it's definitely cheaper than going to the parks in real life.  It's available in 3D, but that's a bit too realistic for my taste.  I don't want any sort of voodoo IMAX trickery to confuse me so I might think I'm actually at a National Park.  I want to remain aware that I'm comfortably reclined in a plush seat on the Upper West Side.  

Visit a Dog Park.  

Might I recommend the one in Madison Square Park, to be specific.  What's great about dog parks is that unlike children parks where it's strictly not okay for you to be in one without the supervision of a child, that is just largely frowned upon at dog parks.  You can sit in one and as long as you're engaged with the dogs, no one will suspect that you don't actually own one! These furry friends will immediately perk you up and all you'll have to do is sit and observe.  Dogs aren't like cats: they will make friends with anyone, even an old curmudgeon like you.  Just remember not to take one with you when you leave, because just like in children parks, in dog parks you can't take them with you.  

Eat Ice Cream.  

This weather (warm but not hot, chilled but not cold) is ideal ice cream weather.  It isn't so cold that your dentures will freeze and it isn't so hot that the ice cream will melt in front of your very eyes, thus rushing you as you savor each and every lick. The best way to go about completing this activity is to pick a flavor you like, such as cookie dough or mint, and taste test it at each of the six or seven ice cream shops within striking distance of your apartment. You've made it all the way outside already, may as well make the most of it.

Go to the Union Square Farmer's Market.

This is a great place to buy fresh foods.  It happens on Saturdays until the food runs out.  You can get things like tomatoes, potatoes, bread, eggs, honey, and large slabs of different types of meat.  I like going because everything is inexpensive and I feel like I'm back in the paleolithic era, being a good female who gathers leaves and fruits for her family. 

Roll Down the Window in a Cab.

Usually it's not safe to ride in a NYC Taxi with the window ajar because God only knows what particles and smells may fly in and smack you in the face.  But this weekend, might I suggest you give it a try?  The weather is going to be nice, so nice in fact that you won't mind when someone else's receipt from Duane Reade blows in and joins you on your cab ride.

Now frolic, children!

Meryl NatowComment