Going to Coney Island when you're a Grandma.

The Richard Simmons impersonators were out in full force today!

The Richard Simmons impersonators were out in full force today!

On this fine Saturday, I did the wildest thing: I took a 45 min train ride to spend several hours outside of my apartment.  It is my anniversary with Sam so we decided to do something to celebrate.  And what could be better than spending the day at Coney Island one week before all of the rides and shops and things open?

We started, of course, by eating.  


Totonno's is a New York Institution.  It is run by two sisters and a brother, sits in the heart of Coney Island, and is cash only.  And it is the best pizza you ever could have.

Sam and I shared a pie.  In true Grandma fashion, and not knowing how to be any other way, I ate half of the pie myself.  Past a certain stage in life, it's just not worth worrying about things like calories or carbohydrates.  When your greatest years are behind you and the only joy you get in life is out of a half a pizza pie, you really gotta eat up! Said pie was with garlic and pepperoni.  Now, garlic isn't great for the GI tract, by and large, but on special occasions such as an anniversary or your monthly ritual of warding off vampires, garlic on your pizza is okay. 

It is award-winning pizza, keep in mind.  

In 2010, Totonno's won Best Overall Totonno's.  Never mind that they are the only Totonno's. They are the Best Totonno's! They have the plaque to prove it. 

After the pizza, we went to the aquarium!  And I know what you're thinking: an Aquarium is no place for a Grandmother.  But boy are you wrong! Where there are toddlers, there are grandparents, so I fit right in (the same cannot necessarily be said about Sam, but I suppose no outing location is perfect). 

The absolute highlight of the aquarium was the sea lion show.  Sea lions are very smart and the two we met—Bruiser and Osborne—were hilarious.  They clapped, danced, saluted, and one even took a flip off the high-dive! 

Bruiser did an excellent imitation of a walrus and Osborne posed very nicely for the paparazzi! Local celebrities, they're just like us!

By the time the aquarium adventure was complete (keep in mind while we didn't see that much beyond the two sea creatures above, we did wait 35 minutes for a cup of coffee), it was time for more food.  

Nathan's is a grandma: one hundred years old, adorned in garish colors, and confused about what kind of cuisine to serve.  You can order nearly anything at the Nathan's in Coney Island, with the exception, perhaps, of funnel cake (but fear not for they sell funnel cake at ever single other food shop in Coney Island): hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries, frogs legs, and something called a chow mein sandwich.  I'd probably stay away from that last one if I were you. 

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