When Grandma Comes Back from Hiatus

Greetings, grandbabies. You've missed me, I know. After a summer hiatus, I am back and grannier than ever. 

Grandma needed a break. It's nothing you did, sweet child, so wipe that worried look off your face!  And it does not mean that I love you any less. I love you more and more each day! But sometimes Grandmas need a vacation from the everyday of grandmadom.

So what has Grandmeryl been doing with these months away? A little of this and a little of that. 

Grandmeryl Moved.

That's right, folks. I live a few floors up from where I used to. No more loud noises from the frat-ville that I call my neighborhood. Instead, Moses and I now live next door to two little boys who like to play soccer in the hall and bark outside our door to make their presence known. They are cute, but also serve as a constant reminder of the virtue of being a grandmother: the kids go home at the end of the visit.

Grandmeryl found the perfect tennis balls for the legs of her walker.

The years-long quest for four tennis balls of exactly even consistency and density has ended. I've had three for a while, but finding the fourth has proven to be a challenge. 

Grandmeryl welcomed another Grandbaby.

This is Eleanora.  She is very smart and has excellent hair. She is off to a great start in life. 

Grandmeryl dyed her hair blue thinking it was grey.

All the grandmas are doing it these days.

Grandmeryl launched a bakery.

The biggest summer project is the launch of Grannycakes, a made-to-order cake and dessert business. There's nothing better than a cake made by your very favorite Grandma! And there's nothing worse than a generic, non-personal, cake.  How can you possibly dream of celebrating your birthday, anniversary, promotion, demotion, baby, babies, death, or graduation without a Grannycakes Cake? 


Now back to work! It's time for jazzercise.